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David JC Cutler suggests free online business promotion techniques that strengthen the marketing activities of small businesses

David JC Cutler

Marketing has become more affordable for small businesses that can use various digital media from websites to social media platforms to implement marketing campaigns. Most digital platforms are free to access, and implementing the right marketing strategies makes all the difference between failure and success, believes David JC Cutler. The digital marketing platforms give more strength to small businesses that can now take on the bigger competitors to ensure faster business growth.

To maximize the marketing gains, small business owners must use several marketing strategies according to the chosen media instead of depending on one size fits all approach, which does not work. However, by considering your business’s strengths and devising the best ways to connect with the audience that generates trust, develop suitable marketing strategies that help to position the business and brand in some ways that help it to stand out from the crowd.

Here are some online marketing opportunities that small businesses can use to their advantage. For driving more traffic with the promise of higher conversions.

Go for local listings, advises David JC Cutler

For ensuring high visibility of your business. List your business with online directories like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., that offer free listings. Listing your business in Google Places helps gain wide exposure as Google handles the majority of online searches.  It becomes easy to spot your business location highlighted by Google Maps. The process of listing your business in Google Places consists of filling out a form. Followed by the verification and confirmation protocols over the phone or a snail mail. Other directories follow almost a similar process for listing businesses that takes only a few minutes to complete.

Take to blogging

Having created a solid foundation for gaining high visibility, focus upon expanding your reach to a wider section of the audience instead of waiting for the audience to find your business, advises David JC Cutler.  Be proactive and communicate with the audience that helps the brand gain trust and wider exposure. Start a blog to help uphold your business to your audience and also generate interest in knowing more about your business and products or services. Blogging creates an instant connection with the audience. That demonstrates your eagerness to expose your business more to the audience. By sharing more information, leading to more trust for the business and also the brand. Create content that is relevant to the audience and provide solutions that are useful to them.

Implement SEO

Since the majority of online traffic originates from searches. It becomes imperative for small businesses to have a website and also implement SEO. It helps to create a robust online presence by increasing the website’s visibility. Which can moreover appear in the higher ranks of the search results. Thereby driving more traffic with a higher potential of conversions.  Develop websites with responsive design to display well on mobile devices. And also attract the largest section of the audience that now uses mobile phones for browsing the internet.

Going ahead, create video content for higher engagement across the social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

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