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David JC Cutler explains why e-mail marketing is a must for small businesses

David JC Cutler

Now that the online marketing techniques are more affordable and effective than the traditional marketing methods, small businesses must take its full advantage to grow their business fast by countering the competition, feels David JC Cutler. Indeed, many marketing techniques like advertising are expensive, but small businesses can get around it by using selective techniques like almost free e-mail marketing. E-mail marketing is a low-cost but highly effective marketing technique that assures good returns.

Small businesses operate with limited funds. They must spend money most judiciously by stretching each dollar as much as possible. Since it is not feasible for small businesses to implement several marketing campaigns simultaneously, they must choose one like e-mail marketing that costs the least but assures the highest returns.

E-mail marketing not only holds a lot of promise for small businesses, but the results are there for everyone to see. E-mails are still the most preferred mode of communication with consumers because of the nature of communication personally. The successful engagement from e-mail marketing is helpful for small businesses and big businesses to rely on it even today.

 Why small businesses should not spare a second thought about implementing e-mail marketing will become clear from this article.

Develop intimate and robust relationships with customers as experienced by David JC Cutler

 Sending e-mails to customers is the best way to personalize the messages. And interact with them appropriately by considering their position in the purchasing funnel. It is the easiest way to take customers into confidence and keep them posted about every development of your business. It helps to develop a strong bond with customers that pay back well in the long run. E-mails help stay in constant touch with customers and make them feel special as the messages have a personal tone. It helps to maintain complete transparency with the audience that makes the business more trustworthy to them.

 Preference for e-mails among consumers

All marketers try to communicate with customers in ways that make them feel most comfortable. E-mails are the most preferred mode of communication for consumers. Which increases the attraction for e-mail marketing that perfectly suits the needs and budget of small businesses. E-mail marketing is a surefire way to elicit a positive response from the audience. Instead of wasting money on other forms of marketing that might or might not work for you. E-mail marketing can provide many benefits of social media marketing without escalating costs. Well drafted e-mails can have the same effects as social media content or perhaps create higher customer engagement.

Since e-mails sent to customers have their prior consent, it does away with the chances of customers ignoring the e-mails. Since customers’ conscious decision to receive your e-mails, the opening rate will be very high according to David JC Cutler.

Only when customers take an interest in your business and brand. That they give their consent and it is like winning half the marketing battle. The rest depends on how well you nurture your customers to drive them closer to conversions.

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